Fall/Winter Fashion Trends Part II

Ammy Pena, Contributor

In my first article on fall fashion last month, I gave a heads up on what styles were unveiled during Fall Fashion Week in New York. In this second part of my series, let’s focus on fashion trends in makeup and accessories.

Hannah Morrill from BAZAAR.com has given us makeup ideas that will look great this fall. For starters, she likes a trend that been around since the 60s—cat eyes. To achieve this look, use liquid eyeliner and draw a dramatic wing. At the Fashion Show, according to Morrill, makeup artists dotted the eyeliner just below the lower lash line to give a futuristic edge.

The next makeup trend that was seen in the Fashion Show was orangey eye shadow. According the makeup artists that Morrill has spoken to, this gives a more luxurious and different look by blending in a coppery eye shadow to give the eye a vibrant look. Another trend for the eyes that Morrill saw was dark-brownish-purple shadow, instead of typical black shadow for intensifying the eyes. Or, instead of smokey eyes this time, go for a gray wash of color on your lids; Morrill states that this shade is more sheer and adds a mysterious look to the lids.

For the final two makeup trends, Morrill states that this season red- and wine-hued lips are in. Red lips are wearable in every season, in my opinion—whether at a Christmas party or on a beautiful spring day, different shades of red look great on the lips. As for the wine-hued lips, makeup artistes want to give that sultry look this season so a cabernet lip stain is the way to go.

From another world.com, writer amw talks about the accessories expected to be seen in the fall and winter seasons. Thigh-high and ankle boots were worn in the runway, as well as stamen earnings. Whether your hair is pulled back in an up-do or just twisted in a bun case, these earrings will give an elegant look whether you’re going to work or to a fancy dinner.

Pearls are going to be a huge staple piece for the winter and fall seasons. They have been seen on rings, layered necklaces and as studs on the runway.

As every girl’s best friends, purses will have embellishments and will have top handles according to amw.

Chains are going to be incorporated in purses, boots, even worn as necklaces and bracelets; if you have that edgy feel, this trend is perfect for you.

As for the final accessory trend seen a lot on the runway, amw likes the chunky knitted scarves. This is my personal favorite accessory trend. Not only are these scarves really comfortable and keep you warm, but they also are going to be incorporating different patterns and colors that will be perfect to spice up anyone’s mood or outfit.

This concludes my review of the trends for the upcoming season. Remember, whatever you wear, struck your stuff with confidence in the most beautiful and effortless way.