New Year’s Resolutions

Veronika Alvarez, Staff Writer

The New Year is here, which means change for most people. The first part of change is to create your New Year’s resolution. A New Year’s resolution is when a person makes a promise to improve themselves, and their lives, in varying ways. Normally your resolution is something positive such as volunteering to help others, or simply holding the door open for people. A resolution can also have a large impact on your life. For example, you might have a goal to diet and lose weight. I asked some students in the Journalism class here at Hawthorne High School what their New Year’s resolutions are for 2015:

“My New Year’s resolution is to cut down all of the unimportant, irrelevant stress,” Freshman Kaitlyn Melendez explained. “I want to avoid unnecessary stress, so I can focus on what is really important in my life. Managing stress is definitely not easy, but I need to work on it.”

“I want to get in better shape in the New Year,” Freshman Rocco Pecoraro informed me. “I’m going to cut out drinking all soft drinks and to stop eating my Nona’s wonderful macaroni!”

Sophomore Sara Inglese stated, “My resolution is simple…I want to study more, in order to get better grades.”

“I don’t know how to explain it,” said Senior James Addie, “but I really want to make an extra effort, each week, to help out people.”

Senior Shamel Dishack joked, “My New Year’s resolution is to think about next year’s resolution.”

“I would like to make high honor roll in all of my classes.” Said Freshman Katherine Interiano.

Junior Cielle Tousignant stated, “No fried foods” while Sophomore Jessica Mulkey added, “I just want to spend more time with my family this year.”

It might be difficult to keep your resolutions throughout the whole year. Let’s face it, it’s not an easy task. But there are a few steps that can help you stay committed. First, make sure that your resolution is something that you really want. If it is something meaningful to you, there is a greater chance of you accomplishing it. Second, be specific on how you are going to work towards your goal. And finally, and most importantly, don’t give up easily! Stick to those resolutions and have a great 2015!