Top 5 Halloween Destinations In The New York Metropolitan Area

Jason Bryant, Editor

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Everyone loves a good scare around Halloween time and the North East is the place to go; from Tarrytown down to Six Flags in Jackson, NJ. This area is perfect to find a quick weekend or day trip to a scary location that will keep the memories alive amongst the undead.

  1. Brighton AsylumPassaic, NJ: From the looks of it, the regular warehouse exterior might not show the frights that await the patrons inside. Set inside an old warehouse, the inside is made into a maze and to make it to the end, you must follow the clues. Tickets are available online or at the location.
  1. Six Flags Great AdventureJackson, NJ: Fright fest is one of the main features that this park has to offer during the month of October. Along with the glow in the dark coasters, a haunted house was added to spook the guests.
  1. Clinton RoadWest Milford, NJ: At first glance, it might seem like an average road, but there is more than what meets the eye. Many have heard the myths of the sightings of animal sacrifices brought upon the road. There are also stories of a “ghost” truck that drives around and scares away visitors and passengers on the road.  Along with the myths, an animal zoo/amusement park called Jungle Habitat closed nearby in 1976. Some say that the animals of the zoo still wander around the grounds, even though workers say they all had been shipped away. When going, use caution, because most of these rumors are false, but some may be true.
  1. Westchester County, NY: This area of New York is just across the river via the Tappan Zee Bridge. This county is home to some Halloween getaways, such as Tarrytown and Sleepy Hollow, which is home to the headless horseman. This area is perfect for people of all ages. In Sleepy Hollow, Halloween is in full gear. Horseman’s Hollow is a walking trail that takes you through what occurred on that fateful night. For those seeking spooky thrills, there are haunted hay rides along with scary mazes and what not. In Tarrytown, there is a castle by the name of Lyndhurst where people can walk through the lavishing estate while being greeted by the characters of Alice in Wonderland. Finally, in Croton-on-Hudson, a “Pumpkin Blaze” occurs for the whole family to see artistic renditions of objects entirely made out of pumpkins. Westchester County is perfect for all ages and will surely satisfy the whole family.

1. Halloween Parade- New York City, NY: A grand tribute to the masters of Halloween for those who gather in costume and join a parade. Yes, anyone in costume can join the parade, but there is a theme. The theme is Reverie, which in short means “Oneself.” Participants in the parade are known to have extravagant costumes, while the music plays and a grand bizarre erupts in the Big Apple’s streets. There is also room for spectators on the street. The parade goes from Canal St. and 6th Ave to 15th.

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