The Story Behind Friday the 13th

Keely Washburn and Emily Garvie

As October rolled around, it started off the Spooky Season. This year, October was honored to have the scariest day of the year, Friday the 13. As a kid you were haunted by the tales of scary stories, and superstitious things happening on this day, but where did these stories come from?

The number 13 is a superstition in itself. Have you ever wondered why there is no 13 floor in a hotel? The reason for this is because some people believe 13 is unlucky. Also, Fridays in general were believed to be nefarious (wicked/criminal) because that was the day Jesus was crucified, causing many people in the Middle Ages to fear Fridays. But it wasn’t a big problem when Friday the 13 came around every few months. It became more well known after the horror movie Friday the 13 was released  in May of 1980.

It all started when Victor Miller created the scary story we all know, and ever since then, when Friday the 13 appeared on our calendars, people believed haunted activities would occur. This is mainly because people thought everything that they saw in the movie was real.  As viewers of the famous horror movie, we can say that the paranormal activities seem like they could actually happen, but we understand that none of it is true.