Favorite Halloween Candy


Victoria Jungermann, Staff writer

Halloween: A child’s favorite holiday to dress up in fun costumes and eat a lot of candy…and then eat some more candy!

Fun fact: In the early 1900s Christmas and Easter were the only holidays to get the sweets, but executives wanted to get more money during the fall season, so they created a day called Candy Day. Originally this day was celebrated on the second Saturday in October and was created to celebrate goodwill and friendship, despite the fact that it was created just to get more money.

Candy is an important part of the Halloween experience and even today a lot of adults and teenagers still love to go trick or treating and get free candy, but what is the most popular candy choice? I asked a few people in the school what their favorite Halloween candy was and this was the result of it:


The fifth most popular candy is Milky Way.

The fourth most popular candy is Skittles.

The third most popular candy is Reese.

The second most popular candy is KitKat.

And the most popular candy at Hawthorne High School is… Candy Corn!


Hawthorne High School has spoken and now the top voted candy is Candy Corn, have a happy Halloween, everyone!