Inside Syria: The Deadliest Place In The World


Lubanah Alayoubi, Staff Writer

Imagine waking up one morning to the sounds of gunshots and explosions. Airstrikes hit your neighborhood, destroying your house and all the other ones around it. Immediately, you begin to panic as you rush to save your family. As you search the area, you realize that you’ve been severely injured. Your entire body is covered in blood and dust. You can barely see where you are going. Screeches fill your ears, as you anxiously dig beneath the remains of what used to be your childhood home. Minutes go by and the screams are no longer heard. At this point, you realize that it’s too late. All your loved ones have just been killed and there is nothing you can do about it. Scary right? Well, unfortunately, this nightmare has become a reality that the Syrian people live with throughout their daily lives. 6 years of violence and bloodshed, yet the massacre continues.

Syria is a country located in the Middle East. It’s population once consisted of about 20.86 million people. But after the revolution began in 2011, millions of civilians were either killed, fled the country, or are held in captivity. The cause for this war is the friction between the president of Syria, Bashar Al-Assad, and his people.

Known as a dictator, Bashar Al-Assad has made alliances with other countries in order to keep his presidential thrown. Assad uses the excuse that he is “ fighting off terrorists”, who he is referring to as Isis. Since Isis is against Assad, an assumption is made that whoever is against Assad is automatically part of Isis. And so, this excuse is used to prevent other nations from doing something about the issue. Assad also promises land to countries like Russia and China, once Syria is emptied of its people. Although the civil war has been going on for 6 years, not a lot of people around the world have heard about the problem.

Many people have no idea where Syria even is. But surely everyone can agree that what is happening to the Syrian people is absolutely inhumane. No child should ever have to witness their mother getting killed and their father getting captured. No parent should ever have to worry about their children risking their lives just going to school! Over 1 million people have been killed by airstrikes, gun violence, and bombings. A total of over 7 million refugees fled the country fearing for their lives.

Currently, there is a location in Syria known as Ghouta which is undergoing a terrifying siege where no food or water are allowed in the area. Nuclear gases like chlorine gas are being injected into the air, poisoning adults and killing the children who are inhaling these fumes. People from all over the world are donating money to help the city, but it is still going to be difficult to get the money into the people who need it. Medicine and serious medical treatment are unavailable for the injured civilians seeking urgent medical care. Children are being found buried underneath the rubble, dead or crying in agony for their mothers.

Why hasn’t the world done something about this issue? Isn’t it about time we give the Syrian people a voice? Although we are normal citizens incapable of making a major change on this issue, we can at least do our part by donating goods and raising  awareness. Hopefully, we can help the Syrian people achieve the freedom they have been longing for so long. Our hearts are with Syria and with its people: we stand united!