5 Common Dreams and What They Mean


Jenna Ventrice, Staff Writer

What do our dreams mean? It is widely believed that interpreting our dreams can help us discover new things about ourselves, such as how we are feeling, what we are afraid of, and what we really want in our lives. Certain symbols and elements in our dreams could help us get in touch with our inner thoughts. Here are 5 common dream symbols and what they mean:


Teeth Falling Out. Having dreams where your teeth are falling out could mean that you are feeling restrained or controlled in your life. Despite what you might want to achieve in life, you may feel trapped or incapable.

Being Chased. Being chased in dreams often means that we are feeling as if we are in danger or we are being put under pressure. Stress could play a big role in this.

Falling. This symbol could mean that you are finally letting go of something that you’ve been holding onto for a long time. Another possible meaning could be that you are repeatedly failing at something, no matter how hard or how many times you try, and it is time to let it go.

Being Late or Lost. This dream element could mean that you don’t trust your own ability to keep track of time and get things done.

Flying. The very common dream symbol could mean that you are feeling very happy in your life at the moment. Flying in your dreams show that you are feeling uplifted, untroubled, and motivated.


The true meanings of our dreams are whatever we interpret it to be. By thinking about the combinations of symbols and elements within our dreams, we can connect them to parts of our daily lives and ultimately find out what they mean to us.