Thoughts on HHS’s Library Mental Health Activities

Ellie Gallo, Editor

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In late 2017, I was diagnosed with depression. It’s something that is a part of my life, but not my entire life. The realities of it are hard to deal with. Sometimes, it’s extremely hard to go to school, go out with friends, or even get out of bed. But I try to be as strong as I can.

As a student, it’s important to feel like you are accepted at your school. I always felt like no one understood what was happening with me, and they never would. This changed when I saw the library door.

Having an entire list of activities dedicated to something I struggle with everyday made me feel validated and accepted. Stress balls, therapy dogs, and meditation are things many students need, not just the ones with mental illness. The stress relief exercises show me that the HHS staff (and Mrs. Di Geronimo) care about the students here.

There are so many instances where I feel alone and different, because I see others being happy and it doesn’t come as easy to me. But knowing that this is being acknowledged at my own school gives me comfort. I would like to thank Mrs. Di Geronimo and anyone else involved in the Mental Health Month activities from the bottom of my heart for showing me that people like me are being acknowledged and loved.

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