Do You Get Enough Sleep?


Karen Delgado, Staff Writer

Sleep is the one thing everyone loves, especially to escape problems or to just get some rest.

For something everyone loves and looks forward to, we don’t get much of it. High school students have things like school, work, sports, at home chores and any out of school and work activities that take up most of our time which tends to cause students to get lack of sleep. On top of it all, we somehow need to find free time for “me time.” The only true “me time” that’s worth it, is getting that extra sleep, or in reality, the sleep we’ve been losing.

More than anyone, teens suffer the most from lack of sleep. This lack of sleep often times causes stress; it’s the last thing anyone wants when they have so many things on their plate. Having so much to do starts to trap in an individual causing them to feel pressured and tense. Teens stay up late either doing homework and projects or on their electronics (which in this generation) is sadly considered “me time.” The Clarion decided to ask a Hawthorne High School student about her sleeping habits.


The Clarion: “How many hours do you usually get of sleep?”

Paola Martinez: “ Usually like five hours of sleep.”


The Clarion: “Why do you go to sleep so late?”

Paola Martinez: “After school I eat, shower, clean and then spend the rest of the night doing homework.”


Having so much to do and not enough time, means that fitting in time to sleep is actually difficult. Parents sometimes don’t see the struggles their children go through concerning sleep. These are mainly teens who go to school and work and still have other things to do. Adults should take into consideration what teens have to balance out and make it somewhat easier.