Mr. Cunningham and Mr. Mazzacca are Going on The Amazing Race

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Mr. Cunningham and Mr. Mazzacca are Going on The Amazing Race

Sydney Reicher, Staff Writer

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You heard it here first, Mr. Cunningham and Mr. Mazzacca are going to compete to be the next winners of The Amazing Race! They are attempting to use their minds and strength to complete the challenges and walk away with the $1 million prize.  The Clarion had the opportunity to sit down with the soon-to-be contestants.

The Clarion: Why have you decided to go on The Amazing Race?

Mr. Cunningham: I’m going on The Amazing Race to appeal to the students more.  I think it’d really help me connect with the kids.  

Mr. Mazzacca: Honestly, I’m just competing for the prize money.  $1 million can really do some damage.


The Clarion: How long have you been training?

Mr. Cunningham: I’ve only been training for a couple of years but I think I’m ready.   

Mr. Mazzacca: I have been training and ready for this moment all my life.


The Clarion: When you come back, how will this affect your job at Hawthorne High School?

Mr. Cunningham: When I come back to Hawthorne, I think I will be so much more appreciated and definitely be welcomed back with open arms.  

Mr. Mazzacca: After I’m on The Amazing Race and win, I’m not coming back to Hawthorne. I will use the money to have a relaxed life without a job.  

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