Easter Activities


Hilary Castillo, Staff Writer

Thinking of going out for Easter day? Maybe doing something fun on Easter with your family?

Here are some spectacular things to do on Easter day:

  • One activity is to dye an egg. Get a carton of eggs and start painting them any color you want. Decorate them with herbs, pompoms, etc.
  • Another fun activity to do is bake Easter goodies. For example, make a cute bunny cake or cupcakes that have bunny shaped faces.
  • The most popular thing to do on Easter is to have an Easter egg hunt. Buy a bag of plastic eggs and plan on what to put inside of them. You can put candy in the eggs, money and mini toys.
  • Next, think of a good hiding spot for all the eggs and have everyone search for them.

If you and your family want to go out on Easter, I recommend:

  • The Brownstone House in Paterson, NJ. The Brownstone’s Easter Brunch which will be on April 21 at 10:00 am. The food at the Brownstone is very delicious so it will be very worth it.
  • Another good restaurant is Macaluso’s. There will be an Easter Celebration, this includes a huge buffet for everyone. Remember to reserve your seating! For adults it will cost 80$ and for children 4-10 it will cost 50$. Seating begins at 1 pm.


Have an amazing Easter with your family!