Burger King Receives Backlash Over ‘Real Meals’


Lubanah Alayoubi, Editor

Since the establishment of fast food chains in the 1920s, fast food restaurants have done whatever they could to catch the attention of their customers. However, when seeing their biggest competitors release better deals that suit their consumers, companies will do whatever it takes to save and profit off of their businesses.

Recently, Burger King released a new category of their food combos known as ‘Real Meals’, in honor of Mental Health Awareness month. ‘Real Meals’ are generally different food combos that suit the mood and current emotions of the consumer.

There are 5 different kinds of Real Meals: blue for when you’re feeling upset, red for when you’re feeling really angry, green for when you’re feeling salty, black for when you’re careless, and pink for when you’re feeling happy or excited. Since Real Meals are still new, they can only be found within select locations. Eventually, however, they will make their way to every Burger King near you.

Although the purpose of Real Meals seems interesting, many people were angry at Burger King for completely shading McDonald’s and stealing their original idea of the Happy Meal. Some people even took to Twitter to share their opinions on the issue.

Personally, I believe that Burger King has released Real Meals just to start a beef with McDonald’s. Besides, the Real Meals’ slogan says it all: “No one is happy all the time”. Also, who is going to head over to Burger King and buy themselves a sad burger for when they’re feeling upset? Isn’t the whole purpose of fast food meals to cheer customers up? In total, if Burger King wants to win over their customers, then they should try a much less petty approach.