As everyone knows 2019 is about living your best life, and since boredom is absolutely intolerable we have ideas you may have never thought of to have as much fun as you can.

So just for you Clarion readers, we’ve compiled a top three list of the best things to do; starting off strong with a New York dinner cruise. Sit back and relax while you cruise around the Hudson, watching the mesmerizing sunset (depending on when you have reservations).

Another adventure to take is to the Meadowland’s State Fair, Friday June 21, and again Friday June 28 both starting at 6:00 pm. You can go with the whole family, or even just some friends and make amazing memories and fun stories to tell.

Lastly, isn’t so much something to go and do, but it’s definitely something to think about, just enjoy yourself. You don’t need to go out for a good time, maybe just staying home and reading in the backyard, or going to the park with friends.

Whatever you do live in the moment and cherish it.