Take-Two Review


Charles Serafin, Staff Writer

Take-Two is a multi-million dollar company that has control of a few games such as 2k and some others. This company blew up back in 2011 and has grown since then. The company has a 13 billion dollar market cap and all of this is from all of the companies they own. Their biggest source of money is from 2k (the biggest seller in recent years) that have given them opportunities to make more and more of titles. The company doesn’t actually make the games: instead they have bought the companies that have and they thrive off of that. This company also has Rockstar games under them which is another big way for them to make money, but that hasn’t been the case for the last few years.

The company hasn’t always been so successful: they had a few big games and they were GTA and Borderlands 1 and 2. They didn’t make many of those games because they didn’t offer much for replay and there wasn’t anything else you could get out of them.

Then in 2011 the release of their yearly basketball game blew up and took their lead-in best basketball game from EA. This is what started all of it and then after they made Borderlands 2 which was a hit and then they released 2k12 and they both did well. This was the kick start they needed and this made the company who it is today.