Corona Virus


Ryan Barhorst and Alban Kokonozi

Recently there has been a new virus that has hit some big parts of the world. It had surfaced in early December 2019, but the numbers were very low. It surfaced in some seafood markets in China and had only around 50 to 60 cases.

However, it has increased since then and now it’s spreading to other countries including the United States. There are around 4500 cases right now with 106 deaths. What makes this virus so scary is that it can be spread even when you’re not having symptoms. Basically, you can have it in your system and transmit it and never become sick. 

This virus is known to be airborne and anyone can get it. At first you just get sick and you think it’s a common cold, because that’s just how it starts. Some people don’t think anything of it and they end up dead. It’s so easily spreadable that one person can spread it throughout an entire floor of a building in Hong Kong. We should all be worried and take action against this and do what we can to stop it.

The virus is a respiratory virus which means it can be found in the nose, throat, and lungs. It can also be spread through contact. The virus is mostly found in the lungs. The virus is thought to have spread so fast because of the Chinese New Year that recently just passed. People are traveling and partying so it’s an easy way to spread this virus. Hopefully soon people will be able to find a cure for this before it’s too late.