Disney’s Cyclops Character Making History


Jacqueline Caraballo, Staff Writer

Disney is making history and taking a big risk with its family-friendly image as they introduce their first Disney-Pixar animated LGBTQ character.

Unlike other characters that Disney left for viewers to guess their sexuality, this character is making history as it will be the first character to be openly gay. The character that is making history is a Cyclops cop named Officer Specter, who is voiced by Lena Waithe who is also openly gay herself.

Officer Specter will unfortunately be in just one scene in the movie but nonetheless it is still a major step forward for Disney. However, Officer Specter is already receiving mixed reviews due to the way the animators designed her. Along with being censored already in Russia and having Christian moms complaining about the character because they see it as homosexual indoctrination.

You can see Officer Specter along with many other characters voice by amazing actors and actresses in Disney-Pixar’s animated film “Onward” on March 6, 2020.