Pollution During the Corona Virus


Andrea Oliver, Staff Writer

Ever since the start of the Corona-virus many people have been forced to stay inside their homes.

Not just here in the United States. but all over the world. Because of this there has been a massive drop in pollution all over the globe. This is something that is amazing and it shows that the earth can recover from human pollution.

From this, however, have come many people who are showing the results of this fact. Animals all over the world are emerging from their hiding places to go into areas once dominated by humans. A Welsh town has been taken over by mountain goats. They spent three days wandering the town feasting on manicured lawns.

Cities all over the world are reporting that animals are coming into areas they would normally avoid. Pictures of bears and wolves wandering the streets of towns where  they  had never been seen  before are all over the internet. Coyotes have been seen wandering the streets of San Francisco. All of these animals have been brought out by the sudden decrease of pollution and people.

This is an amazing sign and is a real sunny spot in the gloom that has been following people during this pandemic.