Covid Blues


Jenna Samiz, Staff Writer

Quarantine for the coronavirus has been both a blessing and curse for many people. On one hand there’s more free time to develop interests and passions and get closer with your family and yourself. On the other hand, it can be lonely and scary and for some people it may have ruined their livelihood.

The negative effects of quarantine have been studied at the University of Idaho. The university conducted a series of surveys on 300 volunteers around the country to determine the psychological impact on those who quarantined. The results showed higher levels of depression than normal.

Many of the leading causes were job losses, passing of family/friends, and loneliness.” Another slightly more surprising cause was fear. “Fear surrounding COVID-19 largely predicted negative psychological health and was significantly correlated with PTSD symptoms, depression, anxiety and stress,” stated Clarissa Richardson, assistant professor of psychology at the University of Idaho.

Another study made by the Office of National Statistics in the UK found similar results to America. The case found that the number of adults experiencing depressive symptoms has nearly doubled this past spring and summer compared to last year’s results.

In times like these it’s understandable to be feeling this way, but it’s important to try to maintain your mental health. If you are suffering from depression, stress, or anxiety please seek help using the following resources/methods:

-talk to your guidance counselors

-talk to trusted family and friends 

Results from the Office of National Statistics

-call your local suicide hotline number ( 800-273-8255 )

-try online/in-person therapy 

-try using free available apps to help with stress and anxiety like Wysa, Sanvello, and MindDoc