Pet Adoption During Corona

Kaylee Tanis, Staff Writer

 Throughout the Coronavirus pandemic the number of animals being adopted has increased dramatically. With everything going on in the world right now a lot of bad things have been happening but through those we can find good things that came out of it in the end. Since everyone was stuck inside their houses for so long, people started adopting or fostering dogs with all the free time at home they found they had. 

Thousands of stray dogs and cats sit in shelters waiting for someone to take them home but a lot of people would usually say they don’t have enough time for a pet. But since Coronavirus hit us people have been actually having the time to bring in a new furry friend.  According to an article from, 8% of adults overall reported adopting a pet because of the pandemic. 

The most people who adopted pets were families with small children in the house.  During quarantine, children aren’t able to get the same social interaction and activity that we previously had. Young children need this activity and socialization to help them develop their brains and also develop themselves as a person. Getting a pet can be a great help with kids because they can help the child with social skills like sharing, knowing others boundaries, and communicating with others. 

Many animals are neglected or abused, and if rescued they are put into shelters where they wait until a loving person adopts them. These animals can stay in a shelter for anywhere from a few weeks to even years. While we all want to save these adorable animals a lot of people just don’t have any room in their schedules for one.  Since quarantine, people have been having a lot more free time opening up the opportunity to adopt a pet, and many people took up the opportunity to add a new addition to their home.