Ways to Give Back for the Holiday Season


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A man is delivering a bag of vegetables and fruit. He’s giving the bag to the customer.

Jenna Samiz, Staff Writer

It’s the season of giving, and what better time to give back to the world than now.

One amazing way to help others is through the Community Foodbank of New Jersey. According to njmonthly, it’s the largest anti-hunger and anti-poverty organization in NJ and works with food pantries, soup kitchens and shelters to help feed those who need it. Donating $1 has the potential to create three meals. 

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Just in time for the holiday season, Holiday Express seeks to provide music, food, gifts, and financial support to those who are in need it most during these tough times. The Holiday Express site states that even a simple donation of $25 can give hats to 20 adults with developmental disabilities. There are also opportunities to volunteer if you feel extra generous. 

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If you ever feel the need to get rid of a few books, look towards The Bridge of Books Foundation. The organization sends books to children in New Jersey who cannot afford their own. Similarly, if you want to remove some of your old toys, Toys for Tots is a fantastic way to do so. Not only will donating toys help clean your space, but it will also provide joy to kids during the holidays. 

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Lastly, with so many lives being lost to the pandemic, many people are left in mourning. With this situation in mind, it’s more important than ever to bring attention towards Good Grief. Good Grief’s mission is to help build resilience in children, strengthen families, and empower communities to grow from loss and adversity. They offer free support through peer support programs, education and advocacy. There are volunteer opportunities or you can help fund the program through donations or “gifts” as they like to call them. 

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This world is not an easy place to live in and it’s often impossible to make a difference for everyone, but you can always make a difference for someone. Something as easy as giving $5 can vastly improve someone’s day or life. So if you are able to, please donate to a cause and help make someone’s world a little brighter.