Travel Destinations for 2021


Hailey Liberti, Staff Writer

As the Coronavirus vaccine is being given all around the world, many scientists expect that we are not far from the end of the pandemic and all that it has kept us from experiencing. After months of staying inside and away from others, many vacation spots are expected to be filled with travelers. Here are a few options for a fun vacation when the pandemic subsides.

Before the pandemic hit, it was expected that millions of people would travel to Japan for the 2020 Olympic games. As a result, many new hotels and restaurants opened in that area, but unfortunately the Olympics were forced to be rescheduled. 2021 will give those who intended to attend the games the opportunity to do so. Japan also has a large variety of activities for tourists to enjoy, such as ski slopes in Hokkaido, or beaches in Okinawa. Tourists will also love the beautiful new hotels, such the Ace Hotel Kyoto, and the Hotel the Mitsui Kyoto, both near the Nijo Castle and the Kiyomizu-dera Temple. There has never been a better time to visit Japan!

A little self-care is much-needed after spending months being hunched over a desk on zoom nearly everyday. A variety of resorts are now offering unique treatments for guests to enjoy when they want to relax and alleviate the stress that we’ve all been experiencing in 2020. One resort with newly added features for self-care is the Scarp Ridge Lodge, located in Crested Butte, Colorado. You can take advantage of CBD-enhanced massages to alleviate inflammation and accelerate muscle recovery, or a sleep treatment that uses essential oils, sound vibration, and custom-blended I.V.s used to fight sickness, fatigue, and dehydration due to exercise. If getting outside and feeling a rush of adrenaline is your idea of a great vacation, this resort also offers activities such as Snow-Cat Skiing and Alpine Cycling. All the information about what Scarp RIdge Lodge has to offer is located on their website.

Renovations of the historic city of Fort Worth, Texas is drawing tourists, with interest in the large variety of tourist attractions that have been added to the city. The Fort Worth Stockyards offer a museum that celebrates Texas history and Western culture and cattle drives twice a day. Fort Worth is also home to Mule Valley, with an arrangement of boutiques and restaurants, with an appreciation for cowboys and Western style fashion and cuisine. You can also view the city creative scene by visiting the Art Tooth and the Amon Carter Museum of Creative Art, booth booming creative centers. Lastly, stay at Hotel Dryce or soon-to-open Hotel Drover and experience what describes to be Old West-meets-Spanish Colonial. This newly updated city has been formed into a city of various opportunities for travelers and offers an experience for the appreciation of Western culture to those who visit this up and coming city.

The Coronavirus Pandemic stripped away opportunities for people to branch out and experience new destinations all around the world. The outlook on the future is seeming to be positive considering scientific advancements and the use of vaccinations to help retrieve reality sometime this year. 2021 will be a year where we reflect, but hopefully move forward with our lives and enjoy this world and the wonderful destinations it has to offer.