Florida Teen that Hacked Twitter to Steal Money

Florida Teen that Hacked Twitter to Steal Money

Ryan Barhorst, Staff Writer

One event from 2020 that was big was a 17 year old Florida teen that hacked multiple twitter accounts and stole a bunch of money from people that were vulnerable from Covid.

He used accounts like Barack Obama’s and Elon Musk’s. He used their twitter accounts to steal a total of 415 transfers, totaling about $117,000. The tweet that he tweeted out over the accounts was, “I am giving back to my community due to covid-19! All bitcoin sent to my address below will be doubled. If you send $1000 I will send back $2000. Only doing this for the next 30 minutes. Enjoy.” Then he posted a link to where you had to send the money. 

The boy’s name was Graham Ivan Clark. He was 17 years old and purposely did this to steal money from people. He targeted the vulnerable that were affected greatly by Covid-19. He received 30 felony charges. However, once they found him, they found 2 others that were helping him do this.

These 2 people were 22 year old Nima Fazeli and 19 Year old Mason Sheppard. They were all arrested for stealing these people’s money and hacking these twitter accounts.