Five Best Houseplants to Grow

Five Best Houseplants to Grow

Hailey Holmberg, Staff Writer

During this cold season it’s hard to fill your time when you don’t want to go out as often. With that extra time, many have been turning to plants that can be grown indoors. Not only are plants therapeutic to care for, but many offer other mental health benefits. The fragrance that some give off can help to soothe anxiety and do other wonders for you. Others purify the air to help you breathe more easily. Growing plants can be beneficial and you don’t have to have a green thumb to care for one. It may, however, be difficult to pick out plants that are most beneficial to you.


  • Aloe Vera Plant

This is a common plant that provides a healing serum that most people have in their house. Growing your own aloe plant can provide you with natural aloe vera on hand to soothe burns, stings, and minor cuts, however this one is slightly higher maintenance. It needs to be deeply watered and kept in a well lit area, but directly out of sunlight. 


  • Snake Plant

Snake plants serve as a wonderful air purifier which can boost focus levels.It is considered to be one of the easiest plants to grow because you can place it in direct sunlight and you only need to water it once in a while. It’s best to let the plant dry out a bit in between watering. You could forget about this plant by accident and it would be perfectly fine.


  • Spider Plant

No, this plant does not attract or repel spiders. It received this name for its long stems. This plant is great at attacking toxins in the air, especially formaldehyde, a toxin brought in from paper goods. All this plant needs is to be placed out of sunlight and to be watered enough to keep the soil damp. This plant is easy to care for and still improves the environment in your home.


  • Lavender

This plant is extremely beneficial to your mental health. It has a calming aroma that can help you fall asleep at night. It is best to keep this plant in your room. Just a whiff of lavender can calm those nerves. This plant likes well-drained soil and lots of sunlight. They need to be watered deeply, but not very often.


  • Succulents

Doesn’t matter what succulent you grow, they all are simple to care for and do great benefits. They purify the air which increases focus and helps you breathe better. They need to be well drained and they love sunlight. Fertilizer is a good option in the spring and summer. Succulents are great for livening up your home.


There are many plants that offer great benefits to your home and your mental health. They make a great hobby for when you are stuck inside and can be extremely simple to care for. Growing plants can be therapeutic as they allow for you to care for something that is not yourself. They don’t require much in order to thrive and you don’t need a great deal of commitment for this fun activity!