New Third Generation for the Ford Raptor


Alex Barbarisi

The most loved generation of the Ford Raptor is the first generation, from 2010-2014, because of the torque and sound the 6.2L V8 puts out.  While the current generation Ford Raptor gets a lot of hate for having a 3.5 L twin-turbo Ecoboost V6, many think the performance variant of the F-150 is still worthy of a V8.  Ford just announced the new third generation for the Ford Raptor that might silence all this hate.

Ford announced they will be releasing this third generation with the same V6 as found in the second generation, as well as a new V8 variant in the new Raptor R.  What exact engine will be in the Raptor R is still unknown, all we know is there will be a V8.  Some possible engines include the supercharged 5.2L found in the Ford Mustang GT500 and possibly the new 6.8L V8 that Ford is rumored to be creating at their Windsor Plant.  The purpose of this new high horsepower Raptor R will be to compete directly with the Ram TRX.  The TRX has over 700 horsepower, so the Raptor R will likely have a similar power number.

Another major change for the 2021 model year is the addition of coil spring rear suspension instead of the current leaf springs.  The newest 2021 Raptor’s styling is almost identical to the previous generation with updated headlights and taillights.  37-Inch tires are also being offered from the factory on this new generation.  One of the coolest new features on the new Raptor is the exterior design which was modeled off a F22 Raptor Fighter Plane.  Similar to the previous generations the Raptor will again only be offered as a crew cab truck.