A New Species of Whale

Found in The Gulf of Mexico

Teemaf Mustafa, Student

          A new species of whale had been discovered in the Gulf of Mexico approximately a year ago. This whale species is called “Rice’s whale”, and it was named after the person who discovered it, Dane Rice. The primary difference between Rice’s whale from other whales is the cluster of bones at the top of their skull. The scientists who differentiated the Rice’s whale, which can grow up to 42 feet long, discovered that their genetic data is unique. With the Rice’s whale’s genetic data and skulls, they were able to categorize it as a new species.

      Not only is this whale rare to come by, but it is also critically endangered. There aren’t even one hundred of them and this is due to a number of things, mostly because of humans. The whales are mostly spread out and stay underwater, but eventually, they resurface to breathe. The whales have been found in Florida and could even be in other areas in the North American waters. For the most part, the Rice’s whale species is an interesting find.