Options For Changing the Color of Your Car


Alex Barbarisi, Staff Writer

Changing the color of your car is not a cheap investment, you are likely to spend $1000+ to achieve the look you are looking for.  If you “cheap out” you are most likely to be unhappy with the turnout of your car.  There are three main options when it comes to completely changing the color of your car. Options follow from most to least expensive.

  1.  Repainting the Entire Car:  Repainting is always an option: however, this can be by far the most expensive.  Paint is definitely not something you want to cheap out on when changing the color of your car as a bad paint job can devalue your vehicle greatly.  However, repainting has the ability to look better than all the other options.  The price for completely repainting your vehicle varies depending on the quality of paint used, amount of coats, whether you want the door jams and under the hood painted, amount of body work need to be done before spraying, and finally who is doing it.  So the final price could be anywhere from $1000 for the cheapest of jobs to $4000 for a good job and upwards of $10,000 for absolute perfect jobs.
  2.  Vinyl Wrapping:  Wrapping is becoming more and more common over the years because it is a relatively cheap option with a good final product when done correct.  This vinyl is a film that covers all the paint on a car, so one big advantage of this is you can always take the wrap off and your paint underneath will be in the same condition.  If you were to do the job by yourself you would have to buy the vinyl itself, which will cost you from $1000-$1500 depending on the company of vinyl you buy.  Doing this job yourself can be a major task as you have to basically disassemble the entire car, and it can take you weeks to complete.  You can pay professionals or others more experienced in this area and this will cost you around $2500-$4500.
  3. Plasti Dip:  Plasti Dip is a rubber coating you can use to change the color of your car.  This will change the color of your car, but you will have the worst final product of all the options and always has a matte finish.  The main advantage of Plasti Dip is that it is the cheapest option and again is removable; however, it can damage the paint when removing.  It is also not easy to apply, because even coats over the entire car are not easy to do.  Depending on the size of your car you will need between $400-$600 worth of Plasti Dip.