Fun Outdoor Activities for Spring in NJ


Hailey Liberti, Staff Writer

The weather is finally warming up here in New Jersey and there are so many activities that can finally be enjoyed once again. New Jersey offers a variety of different places to choose from where you can enjoy any outdoor activities you love. Whether you prefer a mellow bike ride, or a challenging, uphill hike, there are so many opportunities to get outside and enjoy the Spring season!

Going on a scenic hike is a great way to get a good workout while exploring a beautiful area of nature. High Mountain Park Preserve, located in Wayne, NJ, offers a beautiful hike through woods that leads you to one steep hill that you climb up. At the top of the hill are beautiful views of the skyline. If you’re looking for an easier hike, Ramapo State Forest, located in Wanaque, NJ, offers an easy hike with a clear trail to follow. After walking through some woods, the path leads you to a lake with great spots for swimming or just relaxing by the water. Finally, Terrence Pond, located in Hewitt, NJ, is an amazing spot for a challenging hike. This hike is a bit rocky and has a steep incline, but the challenge is completely worth the breathtaking views of the skyline. Whether you’re looking for an uphill battle or an easy stride through nature, there are tons of options to choose from here in New Jersey.

Grabbing some food and a blanket and enjoying a meal in this beautiful spring weather is one of my favorite activities. New Jersey offers some amazing picnic spots that you can’t get anywhere else. One of my favorite places to go on a picnic is Weehawken Waterfront Park in Weehawken, NJ. This park is right on the water of the Hudson River, offering sweeping views of New York City. The park has some small grass areas for picnicking, and they are currently in the process of adding more recreational activities to enjoy. Another great picnic spot is Branch Brook Park, located in Newark, NJ. This park has tons of cherry blossom trees that are especially beautiful this time of year. Make sure you check this spot out before the trees lose their beautiful pink color! Lastly, Terhune Memorial Park, located in Wayne, NJ is a beautiful spot for a sunset picnic. This park has a beautiful lake with grass areas to lay out a blanket and enjoy the view. The sun sets perfectly over the lake, making this spot even better! Picnicking is an easy way to enjoy this spring weather and these spots will all make your picnic experience amazing!

From mountain bike trail to flat paved path, New Jersey offers all that you need for a great bike riding experience. Saddle River County Park is one of my favorite places to go for a smooth and easy ride. This park is huge, and it has many different playgrounds, lakes, and waterfalls that you can stop and enjoy the view. There are even some hidden trails for a much more difficult ride in case you decide you’re up for a challenge. If a medium-level ride is more your speed, I suggest checking out Franklin Lakes Nature Preserve, located in Franklin Lakes, NJ. This nature preserve features a beautiful path along the shore of a lake. The path is pretty flat, but some parts of the path are a bit narrow and a bit more challenging for bikers. Overall, it’s a beautiful ride with a mostly smooth path.

Whether you prefer getting outside for an exciting adventure, or just a relaxing afternoon, there are tons of activities to choose from. New Jersey offers many different areas for any fun Spring activity. Be sure to enjoy the perfect weather while it still lasts!