First of Its Kind Firefighting Robot Debuts In the US


Michael Jannicelli, Staff Writer

Technology is evolving everyday in every way this time in firefighting. The Los Angeles Fire Department debuted its newest firefighter and it’s a robot. Meet the Thermite RS3, a firefighting robot. The robot can spray 2,500 gallons of water per minute, its stream can reach 300 feet across or 150 feet high. It can even push debris thanks to a plow blade it has on the front of it. The 3,500 pound robot can be operated for 20 hours without needing to get fuel. Thermite TS3 is controlled by a remote control that has a high definition video screen for feedback and shows what the conditions look like from its eyes.  This robot will keep firefighters safe by having them avoid going into bad situations. It travels to the fire scenes in a special trailer just for the machine and a pickup truck as the $278,000 investment must be properly maintained. The LAFD said the robot will be put to work at large commercial fires, unsafe structures under construction, wildlife fires, large animal rescue fuel tanker fires, as well as was used in the Notre Dame Cathedral fire. This is just another way technology is evolving and saving lives.