Animal Extinction Awareness

Animal Extinction Awareness

Desirae Santana, Staff Writer

For centuries the world has suffered with millions of different animals going extinct.

The way that these creatures have gone extinct has to do with things such as deforestation, overfishing, the introduction of invasive species, climate change and more. The main cause of all of these issues, is human beings. The human species is the #1 cause of extinction and endangerment to animals and even plants. 

There are many animals that are going extinct such as tigers, rhinos, elephants, and different types of insects, but this article will focus on the panda. Pandas are one of the number one species that is suffering from endangerment. The reason this is happening, is due to habitat loss. People have been destroying a lot of the bamboo forests, which the pandas need in order to survive. Bamboo is 99 percent of their diet in which they need to survive off of. Without it, a lot of their population died off due to starvation.

The reason why they can’t move to another forest is because bamboo is their main food source. Without it, it is difficult for them to survive. Even when they are in captivity they have a hard time reproducing which is another issue they are having that is causing them to be endangered. Another thing that has become a threat to pandas is poaching which is where people are hunting them and selling them for their fur. Pandas became an endangered species in 1984. The U.S Fish and Wildlife services declared them endangered and listed them under the U.S endangered Species Act. 

The world’s creatures are becoming extinct due to all of this abusive behavior to our environment, due to humans and it must come to a stop. Even if you aren’t an environmentalist there are still ways you can help prevent animal extinction. There are many ways such as buying eco-friendly products such as cosmetic products that are animal tested free and just being aware of what you buy and reading the labels. Recycling is a big way you can help the environment and protect wildlife from extinction. Lastly, and most importantly, SPREAD AWARENESS! The more people that know about this problem the more people will start to get involved and want to help our wildlife grow healthier.

You can do it by simply posting about it on social media, or talking about it with a friend or family member. The more we take action, the more our world will become a better and healthier place.