The Quality Of Conversation: A Thought


Dasir Grayson, Staff Writer

The qualities for conversational dialogue in a story, sums up all of the amazing qualities people in real life get from communication.

The same way humans thrive of off communication within their societies, characters can do the same inside their fictional societies. 

Dialogue among characters helps tell the story as a whole. It needs to be done in order to portray how characters feel or think in certain situations. Without this component, it will be hard to articulate the narrative on a whole.

Strategies for putting these conversations together, can be achieved by keeping the personalities of your characters in mind. Different personalities add up to different speech patterns and unique choices of what they say.

Keeping your characters personality in mind, can help you create what they say at certain times. It can be difficult writing a conversation ‘’on the fly’’at times. Getting your conversation fully figured out with a beginning and end can be a great help. Knowing where the conversation is headed before hand, can make it all come out much more fluently.

Lastly, the writer needs to know what kind of conversations may be called for in the genre you are writing in. Typically in a horror story, you probably don’t want calm dialogue during a freaky scene. I don’t know if I’d get up and clap if Freddy Krueger’s dialogue was warm and fuzzy during a scene when he’s clearly showing murderous intent.

You have to play into the context of story and just the context of a situation in general.This is your way of grasping your readers and getting them exactly where you want them.This comes with situational awareness of your story and for your characters as well.

I think we tackled a good chunk of strategies for writing dialogue, as well as discussing the qualities of dialogue. Any aspiring writer will have to write dialogue  and it’s nice for writers to even help each other with aspects like this. Knowledge is a gift that can be conveyed through conversation.Humans are theorized to be social creatures by nature.If you look at how much we benefit from talking,you may grant that theory as true !

Society is a basketball that can’t be dribbled without a player. We are the players and we must do certain things to keep our basketball in play.That features talking to one another and I hope we can do more of it.