Action Packed



Medieval battle scene with cavalry and infantry on chessboard. Chess board game concept of business ideas and competition and strategy ideas Chess figures on a dark background with smoke and fog.

Dasir Grayson, Staff Writer

When you turn on your television it’s very easy to find something energetic or interesting. Many people can be intrigued by very different things, but quite a lot of people are intrigued by action packed sequences.

Animation and visual presentation are very good tools to execute an action scene for viewers. But what if that viewer is a reader ?

It will take work, but action scenes can be presented with just words. Literature leaves open many doors that anyone can walk through if they have the patience and passion. Here’s the impact that action scenes carry within literature and here’s strategies writers can use to write them.

First and foremost, action scenes can get your reader pumped and help them feel a lot more engaged. Reading many pages can be tiring…That’s where a scene of action can kick in and steal the show.

When writing an action scene ,you probably should map it out in your head. What kind of situation is it ? What will be the outcome ? What tactics will you use to help the readers visualize it ? Once those are figured out the process can be a lot easier. Also, being descriptive about little details can help bring the scene to life for readers.

You can also seek inspiration from other works to help. If you wanna write a scene that features martial arts, you can study different types of martial arts and even the choreography surrounding it. Doing this can give you a better feel for the scene you’re going into. 

Words are only as powerful as the person writing them. With a competent writer scenes can be brought to life with just words alone. Visual presentation definitely helps with the ‘’hype’’of action scenes, but trust me, the job can be done with only words. It’s no better feeling than being in tune with what you’re writing. Once you’re in tune with your action scene, it will all flow with perfection.

Practice is the key to truly getting it done.