Satanic Blood Festival or Tragic Accident?

Satanic Blood Festival or Tragic Accident?

Gianna Gatto, Editor

What was supposed to be an innocent festival turned into a tragedy for many families. On Saturday, November 6, 2021, eight lives were lost at the Travis Scott Astroworld festival. Although there were many theories and speculations on what happened, a certain one stood out to me.

You may believe in Satan or you don’t. A wide number of people believe that Travis Scott purposely killed eight people during his Astrofest. Many people noticed the entrance to his “stadium” was shaped like an upside down cross, symbolizing the devil.

During his performance, eight fires were lit on stage which many people thought could symbolize the 8 people who would die later that night. To make matters worse, people described his festival as “hellish” and were even more convinced that it was a satanic ritual after speculations of Travis Scott selling his soul resurfaced in the media.

When passing through the gates to get inside to his festival a sign reading “See you on the other side” is present. Although this could just be part of his theme, people are becoming more aware of the strange consequences that surfaced throughout his show.

Arianna Beltran, who attended Astrofest stated in a tweet, “Travis Scott literally shows himself as a demon in his new album cover… that whole astroworld was set up as a sacrifice ritual and no one will change my mind about that.”

But she is not the only person who believes these theories. Henrik Palmgren, another witness of the tragic events claimed, “Travis Scott did a sacrifice. Look at the symbolism of the event. “See you on the other side” is the tagline. People walking into his mouth and through a doorway into another world on a promo poster for “Astroworld.”

So what really happened? Now it is up to you to choose what you think happened on Saturday, November 6. Although there is no final answer as to why Travis Scott ignored the dropping bodies in front of him, we can only hope that this was an accident.