Climate Change

Zak Maali, Editor

Winter is upon us and the first real snowfall JUST hit our area.

Usually by Christmas, snow has become an every week sort of thing. This year, the weather has been very all over the place due to one very important issue: climate change. Humans are causing this drastic change in the climate by burning fossil fuels, cutting down forests, polluting the environment, and consuming too much food.

The season used to dictate how hot or cold the weather would be, but now the weather is so all over the place that sometimes you don’t know whether you should be wearing a jacket or shorts outside. A couple of years ago, climate change was starting to get really bad, and the word was being spread…but it has been dying down ever since. The Clarion asked HHS senior, Ethan Dunn, about his thoughts on climate change.


HHS Clarion: Do you think change is needed in the sense of treating our planet with more care?

Dunn: I believe that the planet is getting really bad, and I don’t want to die early. I try to limit doing the things that cause harm to the planet.


HHS Clarion: Are you surprised that it too so long for us to finally get a real storm this winter?

Dunn: I am so surprised that it took this long…way back before Christmas I wanted  to go sleigh riding and make snowmen, but there was no snow to do it with…it was pretty insane. 


There needs to be change in the way we humans live our lives; we can’t keep polluting the environment to the point of no return. The more waste that gets sent out into the environment, the more the ozone layer deteriorates, and the less time we have to live on this planet.

There are many different alternatives that can be taken into consideration for our daily lives, electric instead of gas, paper instead of plastic, these are only a couple of things that we could do to change the world for the better.

People take it for granted just how important the health of our planet is to the quality of our lives. The word needs to be spread, if change isn’t near, then the planet will go into an even greater decline then it already is.