McCarren Park


Arelyn Polanco, Staff Writer

McCarren Park, located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, is a place where people like to go for walks and to even walk their dogs.

As of late, these simple pleasures in life have been leading to threatening consequences for both humans and their furry friends as well.

On January 23 the park was closed, after a bacteria (identified as Leptospirosis) was found in the area. Leptospirosis is linked to rats and other rodents, and more specifically, to their feces and urine.

Before the closure, there were numerous reports about dogs getting sick (and even dying) after visiting the park.

Symptoms from Leptospirosis can range from mild to deadly. As stated on the website, the bacteria can cause “…kidney failure, severe lung disease, and bleeding disorders.” Vomiting, diarrhea, and inflamed eyes were also reported.

The closure should be for at least one, while the New York Parks Department cleans and disinfects the area.