The Future of Electric Cars…now!

Dylan Cambian, Editor

The 2020’s have been an amazing time for technological advancements in cars.

Electric cars have taken the world by storm over the past few years. Tesla has run the electric game the whole time, for now. With the boom of electric cars, multiple other companies want to get in on the action. Here are a couple of the new electric cars that you should look out for later in 2022.

General Motors is an American automotive manufacturing corporation that owns companies like Chevrolet, Cadillac, GMC, Buick. All of these companies are not known for branching out into the renewable energy department. So can a company that promises 30 new electric vehicles by 2025 catch up to the rest of the pack? GM is starting by bringing back a classic car with a new look and you guessed it, an electric battery this time.

The civilian version of the military humvee – or the Hummer as it is more regularly known – came out in 1992. At first it was very popular among celebrities, but as the years went on, it started to gain a reputation as a gas-guzzling heavy truck. Sales started to drop and in December 2008, GM ended production of the Hummer.

Fast forward to 2020, GM announced that they would be relaunching the Hummer in an electric form. Now in 2022, customers and fans can reserve a 2022 GMC Hummer EV pickup or SUV for a hefty price of about $110,000. The pickup boasts up to 1,000 equivalent horsepower and a whopping 11,500 lb-ft available torque which help it accelerate from 0-60 in 3 seconds.

GM also estimates that the Hummer EV pickup can go 350+ miles on a single charge. Other features include underbody cameras, infinity roof, multipro tailgate, super cruise, and an extract mode that lifts the car 6 inches in case you need to get over a tough obstacle. The coolest feature though, is a four wheel turn feature that helps in tight squeeze conditions. GM calls it the Crabwalk because the car seems to move diagonally. When Crabwalk is on, all four wheels turn up to 10 degrees simultaneously left or right. The future is looking electric and bright for GM with already 59,000 supposed preorders for their new Hummer. 

Another company looking to make a statement in the electric car market is one that many have never heard of, is Peter Rawlinson who was a former Tesla engineer who wanted to take his own stab at the electric car market. He started Lucid Motors in 2007. Now the company is ready to put its first car into production, the Lucid Air.

It is a luxury electric vehicle that boasts stats like up to 1,111 equivalent horsepower, 520 mile range, all-wheel drive, and a top speed of 168MPH. Lucid Motors announced that they have over 17,000 preorders for their Air model. The price of a new Lucid Air model ranges from $77,400 to $169,000. The hype for Lucid is through the roof with the stats of their fastest model, the Lucid Air Dream Edition.

Both of these amazing and completely futuristic electric cars are looking to create their own market or insert themselves into an already existing electric car market. Whether it be offroad adventure / family truck or luxury / sports car market. Only the future can tell if one will succeed at its goal. One thing is for sure. The future is all electric.