The Baikal Seals: Sophia’s Thoughts


Sophia Utvik, Editor

They aren’t necessarily new, but with summer coming and a strong urge to swim, I´ve been on a marine kick.

The Baikal Seals are a mystery, and have been my favorite species for years. They are found in Lake Baikal, which is so strange since no ocean pathways lead there. They are relatives  to Arctic Seals, so it’s believed that they had made their way into Siberia and had evolved from their arctic cousins.

They must have traveled against the water around 400,000 years ago in order to find home in the lake. Another fact supporting that they are related to the Arctic Seals is of the sea’s habits. They make holes in the ice to fish and commonly lay and sunbathe above it, they give birth in freezing temperatures as well. They are more comfortable covered in ice.

They’re also just adorable, they are one of the rounder types of seals, they also have very round black eyes. They have the biggest eyes out of every seal, and they are used to catch prey underwater. Please comment if you’ve heard any other theories or if you have any facts of your own !