Holding Yourself Accountable


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Take 100% responsibility reminder note – handwriting on a napkin

Arelyn Polanco, Staff Writer

Have you ever wondered why things are not going your way? Maybe it’s with friends or with family or maybe it’s just your life in general. When things don’t go your way people tend to find excuses as to why this could be happening. “Why did I lose everything in just a split second?”

What if I told you it’s not other people or things and that the simplest answer is it could be  you. From personal experience I realized things in my life were not going my way and I began thinking that I just had bad luck. Later on I found out that the problem was me. I was not holding myself accountable for my actions…when it was my actions that were causing me to lose so much in just a split second. From there on out I held myself accountable for whatever it was that I did. 

Now what do I do when I say I’m holding myself accountable? 

Well I began by looking back at things that were going on in my life. I began writing a list of all the things I had lost. Then I began writing the things in my life that I was doing. After that I connected two and two together almost like a cause and effect type of thing. 

When someone does something, they are only thinking about that particular action: never about the consequences that the action could cause. Over time these consequences begin to expand and in just a matter of time everything begins to crumble. 

So how is this fixable? 

Well for starters you could reflect on all your past decisions and see if they have left a negative or positive effect on you and your life. If they left a positive impact then that means you’re not doing anything wrong. If it left a negative impact you should probably think that you should not do that again.

By doing this you can begin to second guess your decisions and stop yourself from making a bad mistake. This is a start on how you could begin to hold yourself accountable for certain things. Eventually holding yourself accountable will begin second nature and the worries of losing things or just doing bad will disappear like footprints in the sand. If you are positive, positivity will come right back at you. Those are some things to remember as you become a better you.