Unhappy Airline Passengers

Maria Nunez, Editor

Airline passengers are not happy with airports in this spring of 2022.

The airports are crowded and flights are packed. Ever since the decline of Covid cases, people have been getting worse when it comes to behaving in airports. Many people complain about the amount of people that are at airports and how many people are on their flights. Most importantly, they complain about how unorganized it is. 

Passengers seem more badly behaved than ever before, flight cancellations feel increasingly commonplace and airlines are hiking fares as fuel prices soar. Studies have found that passenger satisfaction has significantly dropped. 

Last year, passengers seemed to enjoy flights more, with less people flying, things were more organized, and there was a lot more space. But clearly things have changed and some people are just reckless and don’t seem to care. 

This problem has two main issues. People are just not organized and are careless when it comes to traveling…and second, airports can always try to organize or make traveling experiences better for everyone.