The Sweet and Salty Cookie


Ethan Dunn, Staff Writer

Ritz and Oreo brands have combined for a new sweet and salty cookie

On May 25, 2022, Oreo and Ritz combined forces and released a free limited offer box of cookies that was 50% Ritz cracker (with peanut butter) and 50% chocolate Oreo with cream.

Mondelēz International, the Chicago-based company that owns the two brands, is giving out the treats for free online starting Thursday at noon ET. The shipping costs for the free box of cookies is $3.95. 

This is the first time Oreo and Ritz have combined to make a product for customers.

“Ritz and Oreo are always looking for ways to surprise fans with unique, can’t-stop-talking-about product innovations,” Mondelēz International spokeswoman Anna Whitelaw told USA TODAY Wednesday. 

In the coming months we will see if the combination cookie is a success or not, due to how long the shipping is set to take.