Current Information: University of Idaho Homicides


Ava Iovino, Editor

The Moscow community mourns the death of four University of Idaho students, killed in a house off campus early Sunday morning on November 13. Found hours later, the victims were identified as Madison Mogen from Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, Ethan Chapin from Conway, Washington, Xana Kernodle from Avondale, Arizona, and Kaylee Goncalves from Rathdrum, Idaho. The victims are said to have been sleeping when they were murdered.

The police arrived at the house after a call made for an “unconscious individual.” However, the caller’s identity remains unreleased and was not made by either of the two roommates who were home, but with the roommate’s phone. Although the police do not hold the murder weapon, they believe the students were stabbed multiple times with a “large knife,” some carrying defense wounds. Two victims’ bodies were found on the second floor, and the other two on the third floor.

The night before the homicidal attacks, Chapin and Kernodle went to an on-campus fraternity party while Goncalves and Mogen and were hanging out at a bar. Arriving home at 1:45 am, Chapin stayed at his girlfriend Kernodle’s house for the night. Found through video footage, Madison Mogen and Kaylee Goncalves went to a food truck near campus around 1:41 am and left at 1:51 am. The attack took place shortly after, believed to have been done between 3 and 4 am. Both Madison Mogen and Kaylee Goncalves called Goncalves’ boyfriend ten times before the homicide took place.

The police believe that the two roommates are not suspects and were said to have been asleep and woke up later in the morning. “Based on details at the scene, we believe that this was an isolated, targeted attack on our victim,” said James Fry, Moscow police captain.

Many University of Idaho students have chosen to leave school early for the holiday break. With the killer not yet found, students do not feel very safe. The Moscow police are continuing to investigate with the Idaho State Police and FBI, ensuring more security and surveillance on campus to find the currently unknown killer.