1980s Music is Still Alive


Brynn Ashleigh, Staff Writer

A huge number of people can argue that most music in the 80s was the greatest music of all time, or at least a lot better than most music today. Ranging from Madonna, to Bon Jovi, to Michael Jackson, these artists were a huge hit and are still well known today.

Madonna is famous for how different and unique each of her songs are. None of her songs are the same because of how inventive she is. Each of them have a detailed music video which can be entertaining to watch. You don’t only want to listen to Madonna’s amazing songs, but also watch along as well.

Bon Jovi is responsible for one of the most famous songs in the 80s ever, and it is still popular now. “Livin on a Prayer” is personally one of my favorite songs and it has both amazing lyrics and sounds. Watching the band perform with crazy looking hair just makes the song all the more fun. But this song isn’t the only one that is amazing. Bon Jovi has impressed a huge audience with many hit songs in the 80s.

Michael Jackson was very original and had unique dance moves that are iconic. His music is upbeat and different. Michael Jackson was always talented, even when he was a kid. Even though he was very different, he still created awesome iconic music that’s unique from any other. Michael Jackson’s talent is still remembered today.

A lot of 80s songs and music are coming back! Some of the songs that I hear played, I didn’t even realize were from the 1980s. So many of them are being played in TikToks and on social media, or are top songs on Spotify. Most teens know the words to many songs and sing along anytime they hear a good 80s song played. Even newer bands or artists are being influenced by 80s music.

Music from the 1980s will never be forgotten. There are so many more amazing artists including Whitney Houston who was one of the best selling musical performers in the 80s. These legendary artists and bands will continue to have an impact on the music industry. And the 1980s music style might even come back.