American Dream Mall Closing?


Veronica Ishmuratov, Staff Writer

The American Dream Mall has provided shoppers with many attractions so far like an ice skating rink, an amusement park with rollercoasters, and a water park: all packed under one roof, they’ve managed to give us everything. They have about 450 stores to choose from and get roughly 40 million visitors annually. Unfortunately, this might be coming to an end.

Executive John Irham has announced that the American Dream mall might be permanently closing.

“We have tried,” said Irham, “…but right now, it’s just not good enough.”

Officials have stated that the mall has been in too much debt for an exceeded amount of time.

Many shoppers love the mall, but just as many feel that there is far too much going on and that it is too overwhelming. While there are many different types of stores, restaurants, and attractions, some say that it’s sad to see this American Dream is failing.

“We are going to do everything we can to keep this ‘Dream’ alive,” states Irham, “by trying to introduce new activities, new giveaways, and special events.”

These will include (but are not limited to):

Entertainment: The Singing Penguin Quartet of Madagascar performing their greatest hits, including “Antarctica Breeze” (a duet with Lil Baby).

Contests: Guess that East Rutherford Smell. The title says it all. Guess the correct smell and win a gift certificate to a restaurant of your choice in the Mall.