Help Warner Get His Ankle Tattoo Removed!


Jenna Ventrice, Editor

We are pleased to announce that Hawthorne High School will be hosting an auction in the auditorium on Friday, April 12 in efforts to help Mr.Warner raise enough money to remove his ankle tattoo once and for all! After years of suffering and humiliation, Mr. Warner is finally taking steps toward removing this regret. Hawthorne High School is proud and honored to help such a fine teacher liberate himself from a questionable past choice.


Here is the list of the items that will be up for auction:

  1. Lunch date with Scotty
  2. Mr. McMann’s Champion Belt
  3. Mr. Van Winkle’s closet full of baby parts
  4. A signed Matt Ambrose photo from 1996
  5. The flag pole on the front lawn
  6. The bear statue next to the football field
  7. Mr. Masiak’s tie collection
  8. A yoga class with Mr. Ward
  9. A Caribbean cruise with Angela Wright & Josh Kabrel
  10. A day at the Renaissance Fair with Mr. Crimmel
  11. A Zumba class with Mr. Schell
  12. Speed walking lessons from Mr. Galluccio
  13. A spa day with Tamer
  14. A contortion lesson taught by Mr. Jandoli