The Big Event: Mr. Van Winkle is Going to Compete on the Next Season of Survivor!


Anthony Bertollo, Staff Writer

The CBS reality television hit Survivor has graced television screens for over 20 years and has been seen by millions of people since its first season in 2000. Now, one of our very own Hawthorne High School staff members will be taking part in the adventure of a lifetime, our very own Mr. Van Winkle!

For 39 days, Mr. VanWinkle will join the cast of 20 hopeful new players in the most epic and grueling season of Survivor date: Survivor: Rad Bod vs. Dad Bod.

While many players become household names and recognizable on the street, most contestants that compete on Survivor often fade into obscurity, but rest assured, Mr. Van Winkle is not one of those contestants.

He will have to use physical prowess to win challenges and his strategic tactics to outmaneuver his fellow competitors. The Clarion wishes Mr. Van Winkle the best of luck on his quest to clutch the $1 million prize and the title of Sole Survivor.