Books Donated to the Library by Veehoff Family

Tyler Miller

Shelly Veehoff, Director of Book Clubs at Scholastic, recently donated 18 books to the HHS Library Media Center.

Veehoff met with HHS Library Media Specialist, Theresa Di Geronimo, on back-to-school night earlier in the year and offered to donate books from Scholastic. (Veehoff’s son Vlad is a freshman in HHS.) These books have arrived.

Some of the books that were donated include The Not-So-Green Depression, Epitaph Road, Bloody Times, Spies of Mississippi and many more.

The Not-So-Green Depression is about a family who runs out of money because of the economy crashes, which is very relevant to the recent recession America experienced.

Epitaph Road takes place in 2097 in a world where 97 percent  of all the men are dead and women rule the world. On top of this, an airborne virus nearly causes man’s extinction.

Bloody Times is a book about Abraham Lincoln and Jefferson Davis’s last days. Lincoln was assassinated. Davis was a Mexican War hero, U.S. senator from Mississippi, U.S. secretary of war and president of the Confederate States of America for the duration of the American Civil War.

Spies of Mississippi is a book that tells the true story of the spy network that tried to destroy the civil rights movement.

Students who are interested in signing out these books or any of the others donated by the Veehoffs, should go to the Library Media Center and check them out.