Ban on Violent Video Games


Sophomore Adam Tanz playing a non-violent video in the Library Media Center during his lunch period.

Tyler Miller, Staff Writer

Many HHS students go to the Library Media Center during lunch to play computer video games–but only those that are non-violent. The Library Media Center at Hawthorne High School has banned violent computer games.

Theresa DiGeronimo, HHS Library Media Specialist, said, “ I can’t control what students play at home, but I can control what they play in the library. I think it’s important that our schools do everything possible to create an environment that is kind and safe and sensitive to the needs of others. Violent video games do not promote any of those things; they do not belong in our schools.”

Steps that are being taken to prevent students playing violent video games include the blocking of gaming websites that contain the violent video games and monitoring by DiGeronimo of the games being played. The computer screen at the main ciruclation desk allows DiGeronimo to see thumbnails of every computer screen in the library, so she can easily control what games are being played.

Overall, the ban on violent video games has been successful without student complaint. The ban will be implemented as a rule for the Library Media Center for the 2013-2014 school year as well.