October Booktalk


Dame Agatha Christie

Mahin Rahman, Staff Writer

On October 30 and 31, there were two consecutive book talks for horror and mystery stories in the Hawthorne High School Media Center.

Candy was snacked on, as students had a discussion with Media Specialist Mrs. Theresa DiGeronimo about the codes and conventions of both the horror and mystery books. 

Students then looked around the library and picked out both horror and mystery books, and then they wrote down whatever they found was interesting about them. Students also discussed one of the most famous mystery authors, Agatha Christie, and one of the most well-known horror authors, Stephen King.

Most horror books get turned into movies, but books often give the reader a completely different experience.

Horror books are perfect for anyone who wants to have a good scare, while mystery books are good for people who are interested in finding out who the mastermind of a crime is (which usually ends up being the person that they least expected).