Library Workshops For January 2019

Library Workshops For January 2019

Mahin Rahman, Staff Writer

The new year has just begun and now that everyone is back from break it is now time to look at the January workshops.


January 8(D): Rubik’s Cube (Beginner & Very advanced)


January 9(A): Rubik’s Cube continued

                               Mosaic Project


January 15(A): Pixel Art (Create your own emoji portraits with Google)


January 16(B): Pixel Art continued


January 22(A): MakeyMakey (Make a floor piano, make a carrot scream, make art sing… Make it!)


January 23(B): MakeyMakey continued


January 29(B): Discarded Computer Art (Dig into an old computer to pull out your own artwork)


January 30(C): Discarded Computer Art continued