What’s Going On In the Library in October?

Sean Gordon, Staff Writer

There are always interesting activities going on in the Hawthorne High School Library.

There is much in store for October in our library. Ms. DiGeronimo does a great job organizing activities for each month of the school year. The library is always busy, and this will not change in October.

The Library Media Center introduced some new resources to students of HHS at the Open House. Students were able to use virtual reality googles, a 3D pen and printer, a Rubik’s cube, and much more.

Some new lunchtime workshops will be introduced this month, including a Halloween Paint Party and a Keva Plank building as well. Sewing lessons are also included in the lunchtime workshops for October.

Too add to the fun, there is a Halloween raffle in our library this month. Sign out a scary book and get entered in the raffle for a chance to win a bucket of Halloween treats. These books include Artemis Fowl, Looking for Alaska, All the Bright and Faces, and A Million Little Pieces. You will receive a ticket for each book you sign out. An excellent collection of books about football are also available to students.