How To Have Access To The HHS Library From Your Own Home!


Marifel Miguel, Staff Writer

If you enjoyed (and now miss) the fun workshops, information, and literature from our library, I am glad to inform you that Mrs.DiGeronimo has made many of our favorite things to do and learn at the library, virtual! By simply joining the Google Classroom with code: m5m5srm, you can find many resources and activities such as:

  • A link to the HHS Library Catalogue, where you can find all the books, audiobooks, and ebooks our library has to offer
  • The Schedule of Daily Library Activities include:
    • Monday: Google Meet “Library Chat” @ 3:00
    • Tuesday: Lunchtime Workshops @ 3:00
    • Wednesday: Stress relief info and activities posted for viewing on your own schedule. 
    • Thursday: Book Talk @ 3:00
    • Friday: Online Fakes & Frauds. Can you spot them? 
  • A link to the HHS Library website where you can find essay writing tips, MLA style, places to look for books, ebooks, and other resources, information about our school and library, image licensing, copyright laws, writing college essays, using the public library, and so much more
  • A link to HHS Virtual Library where you can find HHS news, updates on COVID-19, the digital library, and all the fun, informative activities and workshops Ms. DiGeronimo does through Google Meet. It’s basically everything you would find in the library but on your screen!

As you can see Mrs. DiGeronimo has put in so much effort and hard work so we can have an HHS library experience from the comfort of our own homes and I strongly recommend checking out the Google Classroom (code: m5m5srm) and tuning in for some of the virtual activities, they’re always a fun time!